The Trouble With Brewin’

The Trouble With Brewin’ The fierce competition for trademarks in the beer industry   Disclaimer: In order to access most of the hyperlinks in the article, you will need to be 21 or older. Sorry, folks. Those damn lawyers really screw everything up.   As a trademark attorney, I deal with a lot of interesting […]

The Food Waste Ban

The Food Waste Ban: Another Bold step in Massachusetts Innovation. Once again leading the nation by example, Massachusetts is the first state in the US to ban businesses from putting organics (generally food and plant waste) in the trash.  With a staggering food waste problem just starting to be addressed in the US, eyes are […]


Cottage Food Act and Massachusetts: How can you start an artisan food business in your home kitchen?

Most of us either have that one secret recipe, or know a master home chef that has that amazing recipe, that everyone covets.  They are constantly being asked to bring that cake, guacamole, or in my case, grits to the parties and barbecues.  “This is so good, you should sell this!” is the frequent refrain […]

Benefit Corporations (and Social Enterprise) are going strong in Massachusetts!

Benefit Corporations (and Social Enterprise) are going strong in Massachusetts! As of December 1, 2012, Benefit Corporations (“B corps”) became an available entity type in Massachusetts (MGL 156e click for text).  If you haven’t been following the movement B corps “are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social […]

Truly Green Beers for St. Patrick’s Day

Truly Green Beers for St. Patrick’s Day For those of you who actually needed a reason to drink beer, it has arrived. Given the rise in consumer awareness when it comes to organic foods and the environment generally, there has been a surge in innovation from food and beverage producers to meet that demand.  Beer […]

Which Business Entity is right for you? (Part 1)

Which Entity is right for you? (Part 1) C-Corp versus S-Corp There are five main types of Business Structures: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations.  Generally speaking, most businesses must choose between the corporation and limited liability company structures, because these are legal entities that have separate legal existence and therefore […]

Which business entity is right for you, Part 2

Why the LLC Kicks Ass!!!! (Which business entity is right for you, Part 2)   A “Limited Liability Company” (“LLC”) is a bit of a hybrid entity in that it allows for “pass through” taxation but offers the liability protection that is often the basis for creating an entity.  The LLC might actually offer more […]

Green Marketing or Green Washing? (Part Deux)

Green Marketing or Green Washing?  (Part Deux) We left off in my last blog post  at Enforcement.  The best part!  So if the green guides when applied can be pretty stringent and since we can probably agree that most companies, whether or not unwittingly, violate the standards, then why don’t we have FTC actions coming […]

Green Marketing or Green Washing?

Green Marketing or Green Washing? We have all seen a lot of green claims out there.  Greener! Sustainable! Recyclable! Post-Consumer Waste! Biodegradable! It seems that companies everywhere are grabbing onto a buzz word and plastering it on their packaging, websites, and commercials.  How can we as consumers be sure of the accuracy of these statements […]

L3C What?

L3C What? The L3C or Low Profit Limited Liability Company is a relatively new form of the LLC (Limited Liability Company), that, for now, is only known about and talked about by its advocates, but is quickly spreading across the nation and becoming a revolutionary new way of doing business. The L3C differs from the […]